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Before you can start writing your paper, you first need to know what a hypothesis is. So what is hypothesis? Simply put, a hypothesis statement is a prediction or conclusion that you are making which you plan to test in your paper. Coming up with a good hypothesis comes from being very familiar with your field of study, and having a good idea of your methodology for proving your hypothesis. A lot of students find it hard just coming up with a hypothesis sentence and end up having to revise their paper over and over again because of this.

Some students can go round and round in circles just trying to come up with this part of their paper, and they end up delaying the completion of paper because of this. Another thing that has to come into consideration is time. Deadlines are very important when it comes to school, and some professors are very strict when it comes to submission timelines. Just submitting your paper late can result in a low grade or even worse, failing your subjects. Simply thinking of these scary scenarios coming true is not something that a lot of students wouldn’t want to happen to them.

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There are different kinds of hypothesis, such a simple hypothesis, complex hypothesis, null hypothesis, empirical hypothesis, logical hypothesis and alternative hypothesis. We can’t blame you if you’re feeling overwhelmed just thinking about the process of writing without racking your brains out.

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