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Your resume is probably the most important part of your job application after the interview. In today’s world with a booming population and limited employment opportunities due to automation, you’ll have hundreds or thousands of job seekers clamoring for a single position. A resume that is well-written will help you edge out the crowd and speak to your potential employers weeks or months before you ever get to the interview room. That means the layout, the composition, the frame and the word usage all need to be on-point. Always keep in mind that your resume is what tells your story to a stranger.

Our resume writing service takes care of these and other concerns that you may have. We focus on bringing out the best of your skills, professional and academic experience and qualifications, and we hope to bring your dream job to life.

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What Is CV? Differentiating How to Write a CV and a Resume

Many people also confuse a CV with a resume. In fact, in some places, the two terms are used interchangeably. CVs are quite lengthy and may be spread out well over three pages. These are chronological, and they set out a complete detail of your professional and academic qualifications. CVs are usually static, and they don’t change much even for various positions. What would change is the cover letter.

A resume, on the other hand, is short, usually about a page long. It can be skill based and this is what majority of companies prefer. Your resume should immediately set you apart from the competition. Thus, the use of keywords is very important when writing a resume. Most folks don’t know how to write a good resume. The importance of keywords in the resume layout can’t be understated. Most companies usually take resumes through Applicant Tracking Systems which quickly separate the wheat from the chaff. How do you ensure that your resume beats these systems? Most people also forget that there are different types of essays; chronological, targeted, functional or combinational resumes. Do you know where and when to use these different types?


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Get Solutions on How to Format a Resume

The resume structure is very important in getting you noticed. The font style and size may seem like nonissues, but they really create a difference in resumes. Avoid clustering your document and make sure clear white space separates all the headlined sections or paragraphs. Bullets should be used judiciously, and style features such as bold and italics should only be used as and when necessary. The resume should serve as a highlight of your skills and abilities, and it is crucial that you clearly bring these out. If you choose to combine skills and a chronological timeline, make sure the resume format highlights your skills effectively. Avoid the use of long sentences. An important factor to remember is to highlight yourself as an achiever and not just a ‘doer.’ If you want to create a great essay, you can use a resume template specific to your industry and tweak it to your tastes and satisfaction. Alternatively, you can get an affordable professional resume from our experts who have a great record of getting people hired.

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  • Affordable: Our prices are among the most flexible in the market, and we always keep sensitive to the current economic situation.
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  • Professionalism: Our writers are experts at resume writing, and they have worked on thousands of resumes and CVs.

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Our order process is simple. Just fill out the order form with your order details or email your instructions to our QAD team. They will pick up the order immediately once payment is confirmed and assign it to the most competent writer. The order process is iterative, and you collaborate with your writer to get the best out of all your desires. We work on an initial draft and send this to you ASAP. If you are satisfied, we proceed to create the real document. After writing, we analyze your essay to make sure keywords are relevant and are consistently spread out through the entire document.

What Are Our Guarantees?

Most folks will forget and send in a CV when the hiring company requested a resume. This is a major flaw, and you should not fall trap to it. Your resume should be clear, concise and should make good use of white space. If writing a resume gives you much difficulty, you should have our number on speed dial. Our resume experts have written thousands of essays, and we have had a successful turnover in the job market. We know what works and what doesn’t. Let us help you today.

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